CombiSave gains WRAS accreditation renewal

CombiSave gains WRAS accreditation renewal

Teddington, makers of the award-winning CombiSave, has announced that WRAS, the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme, has renewed its accreditation of the energy saving combi-boiler efficiency valve for a further five years.

The thermostatically controlled valve, which is low cost to install and can be fitted within minutes, improves combi-boiler efficiency and significantly reduces water waste.

The CombiSave works by automatically restricting the flow of water every time a hot tap is turned on allowing the boiler to heat the water faster with the valve fully opening once the water reaches the correct temperature. In turn it also reduces the carbon footprint of the property.

As well as reducing the amount of water used in the heating process, saving approximately 28,000 litres each year for a typical two-person household, it also means less gas is used and reduces the time it takes for hot water to flow out of the tap.

Kenneth Maxwell, sales manager at Teddington, said: “We’re very pleased to have received this renewal which endorses the CombiSave. The product, which retails for approximately £50, can repay itself within a year on reduced water and gas bills and is easy for any plumber to retrofit as part of their routine boiler servicing.”