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Boasting 90 years in the market, Teddington was started by two brothers Matt and William Payne, who designed post-war thermostat technology. In 1928, they were known as the British Thermostat Company, and were pioneers in the development of automatic thermostats used in domestic refrigeration, heating and cooking appliances, which are still used today. By the 1960s, the firm was developing, manufacturing and installing cooling and hydraulic control systems in Royal Naval Ships and submarines, and their commercial control software systems were developed for companies such as British Nuclear Fuels and Harrods. Over the past 60 years, they have moved from Teddington, Middlesex, to Sunbury on Thames before moving to and settling in St Austell in Cornwall in 1967 which is where their headquarters is based. They currently operate two divisions of specialised resource, appliance controls and electronics, both of which are based in St Austell.
Teddington are now a global brand, supplying electronics to the defence, aerospace and commercial markets in countries ranging from Canada to the Middle East, and they are currently looking to venture into space with the European Space Agency. Their clients include those involved with refrigeration, gas, oil, solid fuel, engine protection, domestic appliances, central heating, industrial, and marine panels, and their complete range of automatic controls and equipment is made using modern technology including micro-electronics and CAD. Teddington’s continued improvements in manufacturing has led to better deliveries and highly satisfied customers; their expertise and undeniable capabilities ensure they provide reliable products to every company they work with.
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Update – 30th of July.

Our offices are back to normal working hours as of Monday 3rd of August.

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times.