Five things you could do with the time you’ll save with CombiSave this March

Five things you could do with the time you’ll save with CombiSave this March

We’re just about to start the third month of 2020 – how did that happen? Time flies by so quickly it’ll be summer and then Christmas before you know it! When you’re constantly combating the clock, there are few more precious prospects than clawing back some precious time.

That’s exactly what our CombiSave device, which can easily be fitted to your combi-boiler, is designed to do. By not having to wait as long for the water in your taps to get hot, a CombiSave device can save a typical family household as much as 28 hours annually.

That’s about 2 hours and 20 minutes each month. Imagine what you could do with that extra time! Here are five suggestions for March…

Watch a couple of games at the Six Nations

The final two rounds of this year’s Six Nations take place in March; there’ll be some great games to enjoy, including England vs Wales, Wales vs Scotland and France vs Ireland to conclude the championship. If you had a spare 2 hours and 20 minutes this month, you’d be able to watch almost 2 whole matches — and if you watched all 15 Six Nations games, you’d still have a spare 8 hours left over from your 28 for 2020!

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

March 17th is the day to celebrate Ireland’s patron saint St Patrick — some of us will go all out, decked in green and joining in traditional events, but having a bit of extra time to yourself is as good an excuse as any to sneak down to the pub, order a pint of Guinness and raise a glass to St Paddy!

Get outdoors

The weather has been pretty shocking in the last couple of months, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the weather takes a turn for the better now February is out of the way. March 3rd is World Wildlife Day, so why not use some of your extra time to get outside, go for a walk in the countryside, take in some fresh air and enjoy the best of Britain’s wildlife?

Watch the boat race

The annual rowing race between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge takes place on Sunday, 29th March; it’s taken winners of the last decade around 17 minutes to complete the arduous race, meaning you could watch this year’s race and then the contests from the previous 7 years — and fit in a loo break!

Read a book

If you’ve got kids you’ll be aware of World Book Day on March 5th, where children are sent to school dressed up as their favourite literary characters. 2 hours and 20 minutes might not be enough time to read a whole book this month, but the 28 hours across the year means you should be able to read around three more books than before!

If the idea of grabbing back a few precious hours in 2020 sounds good, find out more about the CombiSave here: