Teddington upgrades production line and marks 60th anniversary of KBB Fire Safety Valve
KBB Fire Valve

Teddington upgrades production line and marks 60th anniversary of KBB Fire Safety Valve

Engineering specialists Teddington has upgraded its production line for its industry-leading KBB fire safety valve which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

Described as the “Hoover of the industry”, the KBB provides essential protection for properties using oil fired boilers – stopping the flow of oil and protecting homes against the risk of fire if a set temperature is exceeded.

KBB orders are expected to grow by 5% in 2018. In the last three years alone, sales have risen by more than £500,000.

Peter Wiltshire, director of Surrey-based trade supplier OH Products, which stocks the KBB, said: “The KBB is the Hoover of the industry. For the product to have such longevity, it stands to reason that Teddington have used every expertise, investment, engineering and procurement tool in their armoury to stay ahead of their competition.

“I’ve been associated with the KBB since 1967 and, in those days, it was the only capillary operated fire valve. Teddington are renowned for their bellows manufacturing capability and it is a very reliable device, based on very sound engineering practices.

“From its inception, it was designed in such a way that it could not have been bettered, which speaks volumes. It was fit for purpose right from its outset. It is still very much in high demand and the product of choice for primary purveyors of capillary operated fire valves.”

The KBB is installed in the oil supply outside the building, with the sensor mounted inside the boiler above the burner. The valve will automatically close if the temperature at the sensor exceeds the set value. The device, which is fully OFTEC approved and comes with a three-year warranty, is manufactured by Cornwall-based firm Teddington.

Kenneth Maxwell, Teddington Sales Manager, said: “The recent investment in our production processes is part of our continuous commitment to growth and improvement across Teddington, reflecting our dedicated and skilled engineering team and our desire to continually provide the best-quality products to our loyal customers.

“The KBB is celebrating its 60th birthday and is still going strong, proving the fact that it is a remarkable feat of engineering which has stood the test of time. It is very rare for a product to scarcely change over six decades.

“Orders are continuing to grow and one factor behind the recent market growth has been the low cost of oil compared to alternative off-grid sources such as electricity and LPG. The KBB remain the cheapest fuel to heat people’s homes, offering a lower running cost even compared to mains gas.”

OFTEC regulations state fire safety valves should be inspected annually for any signs of damage or leakage at joints with the oil supply pipe.

The sensory capillary of the valve should also be checked throughout its length for any kinks or damage and to ensure it is adequately supported and protected. The correct operation of the valve should be observed using test equipment such as Teddington’s KBT1000.

Teddington is a UK manufacturer based at St Austell, Cornwall. Among other sectors, it specialises in valves and electronic control devices for heating, plumbing and ventilation.

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