Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Check Your Oil Burning System
KBB Fire Valve

Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Check Your Oil Burning System

As we head full speed into Spring 2021, so many of us will simply be switching off the heating and forgetting all about it until the cold sets in again next winter.  Especially this year as lockdown is lifting and there’s so very much of life outside of the home to catch up on!

If you live in one of the 1.5 million houses in the UK that relies on an oil-burning system for your household heating and hot water, don’t leave anything to chance: now is the ideal time to get your system checked over and ready to switch back on fuss free when the nights draw in again.

Each year in the UK around 400 house fires are started by central and water heating appliances, largely due to small preventable issues or a surge in pressure on the system when everything is turned back on.  As well as getting a thorough health check on your oil-based system now before it’s too late, there’s also a really simple fix you can get installed to protect the things you love from a catastrophy: the KBB Fire Valve.

If your oil burning appliance overheats for any reason — like a failure on the thermostat — then it could easily catch fire. If you have a KBB Fire Valve installed, it detects overheating and will shut off the oil supply, helping to prevent a fire from breaking out within the appliance.

With over 60 years on the market, the KBB is the original and best-selling fire safety valve out there.  It also detects heat from elsewhere in the home and will again make sure the oil supply is cut off to starve a fire of additional fuel, thereby lowering the chance of a runaway fire in the home.

All new installations of oil burning equipment should already have a fire safety shut-off valve fitted, but if your oil burner is more than 10 years old it may be missing this vital component. The KBB Fire Valve is recommended by OFTEC to be retrofitted to any existing oil-fired appliances where there is not one already installed.

Of course, demand for these valves really ramps up towards those winter months, save yourself the headache of having to wait ages for an engineer by getting your system up to scratch now and forgetting all about it til you need it again. Visit or contact us today and get ahead of the game.