Why buy a PressureSentry?

Why buy a PressureSentry?

Loss of system pressure is a common cause of heating breakdowns, which can result in costly unscheduled callouts for both the homeowner and boiler maintenance companies.

The PressureSentry is a low-pressure warning device that alerts you before the system shuts down, so that you don’t face a cold house with no hot water and an expensive emergency callout charge. The innovative device will save you time and money, prevent boiler shut-downs, and provide peace of mind.

Avoid unnecessary callouts
The PressureSentry alerts the homeowner when the pressure drops, so that a system repressurisation visit can be scheduled before it shuts down, avoiding the expense of an emergency callout and repairs.

Extra peace of mind
The low pressure detection system helps to warn you in advance of a boiler shut down and avoid the prospect of a cold house with no hot water.

Audio-visual alert
When the pressure drops, the device alerts the homeowner with both an audible alarm and a flashing light, which also makes it suitable for people with sight or hearing impairments.

Low cost, easy installation
The PressureSentry is a low cost, compact device that can be fitted in minutes to almost any radiator in the home, as part of a routine service call, without having to drain the system.

Reassured quality
PressureSentry comes with a one year warranty. is manufactured in the UK, conforms to Quality Assurance Control Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and has an ‘A’ class vendor rating award.

The low-cost device is ideally suited for combi-boiler heating systems and screws into the top of a standard domestic radiator to monitor the system pressure. The device can be quickly installed by engineers during routine service calls without draining the heating system, and provides a quick up-sell to prevent unnecessary boiler shut-downs and heating system damage.