Is Your Boiler Flagging After Lockdown?  Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Check it Over

Is Your Boiler Flagging After Lockdown? Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Check it Over

You won’t be surprised to hear that more than half of all boiler breakdowns happen during the winter months. When it comes to the UK, around 10% of the population – or 2.5 million homes – will face some sort of boiler disruption during these months.

Sods law that your heating fails when it’s colder? Usually not! It’s due to you asking your boiler to do more and more as the temperatures plummet lower and lower.

In the past 12 months boiler breakdown has become as common as it’s ever been. The reason? According to Hometree, it’s down to the sheer volume of us at home due to furlough, lockdown or working permanently from the living room! It stands to reason that the more time we spend in our homes, the more we need our heating and the more pressure we therefore place on our systems. The figures back it up too; there was a 12% increase in overall home heating usage.

Something had to give, and it did!
This year saw more than three million boiler breakdowns across the UK – that’s a 30% rise and suggests that almost one in eight people across the UK will have been in a house that had boiler problems. Not ideal when it’s cold and at a time when plumbers are logically very busy! Ouch!

But was this all avoidable or should we all just throw our hands up in the air and say it was inevitable? Well, most boilers are carrying wear and tear over time which is the same of any appliance. The question is, are you keeping on top of this and making sure that yours is in the best of conditions before we even get to the colder months?

With the average cost of getting a boiler back up and running in the UK reaching around £200, it’s not an insignificant expense.  If your boiler packs up and causes additional damage to your plumbing system along the way the ABI report that the average insurance claim is around £10,000, so the key is to never let it get to that point!

How do you stop getting to there we hear you ask!?  We’d suggest getting a quick health check of your boiler and plumbing system now before the pre-winter rush.  Once you’re happy everything is tip top, you need to keep it that way.

And how do you do that? How about a simple fit and forget device that monitors the system pressure for you? The PressureSentry is a simple low pressure warning device which alerts you if your system is losing pressure, allowing you to take essential action before your boiler gives up. Think you don’t need it? Research has shown that a loss in pressure is the most common reason for emergency call outs in the UK!

Save yourself the expense, the cold nights and the stress, by being proactive and prepared!

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