Is your boiler ready to run a marathon?

Is your boiler ready to run a marathon?

In October 2021, thousands and thousands of people took to the streets of our capital city to raise money for charities that were close to their hearts at the 41st London Marathon. They undoubtedly did so after weeks and weeks, or even months of training, getting fit and making sure they were in the right condition for when the big day arrived.

Preparation is everything when it comes to running a marathon, so as we enter the coldest time of the year, is your boiler prepared as they set off on what is their own marathon winter stint? The truth is that many of us don’t; we use them less during the summer, but then expect them to be as fit as a fiddle when it comes to the winter, keeping us warm and toasty as we snuggle with a hot chocolate and a blanket.

For that reason, and just like if you tried to step out tomorrow morning, lace up your trainers and head out on a half marathon… you’re likely to break down. In that case it’s likely to mean that you’ll be making a long hobble back home, and in a scenario where your boiler does the same thing during a cold snap, it’s likely to be chilly when you get there.

It’s not surprising to hear that October through to the end of March sees the highest proportion of boiler breakdowns. This in turn puts those that repair and maintain them under pressure, meaning high emergency call out charges, and longer waits should something go wrong.

Many of those call outs and breakdowns are fortunately (if you’re one of those that is going to start giving your boiler some pre-marathon training) entirely avoidable. They come from a drop in system pressure, which if caught early can be remedied in minutes without any need for help, but if left for a period can lead to system damage and huge boiler damage and expense.

If early detection is the question, our product called the Pressure Sentry has the answer.

How does the Pressure Sentry work? 

The PressureSentry is a simple device that attaches to domestic radiators and monitors the pressure passing through your system. As soon as a drop is detected, you’ll get an alarm and plenty of time to act before a small drop in pressure becomes a big problem for your boiler!

The alarm is both visual (you’ll get a flashing LED) and audio (that alarm will definitely let you know there’s a problem), meaning that it’s suitable for all households, regardless of site or hearing loss.

The early warning this simple ‘fit and forget’ device gives can save you potentially thousands should your boiler fail. Being prepared sounds like a bit of a no brainer here doesn’t it!?

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