Why get a FrostSentry?

Why get a FrostSentry?

Ever been left without heating and hot water because your condensate pipe froze? Every winter 100,000s of boilers in the UK stop working because of freezing outside temperatures. A frozen condensate pipe is a common cause of heating system breakdowns that can be easily prevented with the Frost Sentry device.

Prevent unnecessary breakdowns
When it’s freezing outside, the last thing you need is for your boiler to break down. Avoid finding yourselves without heating and hot water at a time when you need it most, with the Frost Sentry.

No expensive callouts
By preventing boiler shutdowns, the Frost Sentry helps eliminate associated emergency callouts and repair bills.

Peace of mind
The Frost Sentry is truly a fit and forget device that will ensure that, no matter how far the temperature falls, your boiler will continue to function all winter long (to a minimum of -20°c).

Low energy usage
Rather than constantly warming the pipe, the Frost Sentry device automatically kicks in only when the air temperature drops below 2.5°c, and gently warms the pipe just enough to keep it from freezing.

Straightforward to install and supplied with all parts required to finish the job, the Frost Sentry is the ideal ‘fit and forget’ solution to keeping your condensing boiler working all winter.

Update – 31st March 2020.

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