Why get a KBB Fire Valve?
KBB Fire Valve

Why get a KBB Fire Valve?

Around 400 domestic fires are started by central and water heating appliances in the UK each year. If you live in one of the 1.5 million UK homes that relies on domestic heating oil, have you ever thought about the safety of your oil-fired boiler?

The KBB is a fast acting, thermally operated safety valve that will snap closed and cut off the oil supply when the temperature exceeds a set value, helping to safeguard your home and family against the danger of an oil-fuelled, runaway fire.

Prevent a fire from starting
If your oil-burning appliance overheats for any reason (for example, if the thermostat fails), it could easily catch fire. If the KBB Fire Valve detects overheating, it will shut off the oil supply to help prevent a fire from breaking out within the appliance.

Stop a runaway fire in its tracks
If the KBB Fire Valve detects heat from a fire elsewhere in your home, again, it will shut off the oil supply to your appliance to help starve the fire of additional fuel.

Protect your home and family
Recognised as the industry standard, the KBB is the original and best-selling Fire Safety Valve, and has been protecting homes and property for over 60 years.

Extra peace of mind
It comes with 3-year warranty, is corrosion resistant – and requires no power supply to operate, which means it will work even in the event of a power failure.

Although Oftec requires that all new installations of oil-burners include a KBB for safety, installations older than 10 years may be missing this important component. You can find an Oftec registered engineer near you at Oftec’s Website.