Our PressureSentry explained

Our PressureSentry explained

In the UK the average cost of an emergency callout for a plumber is between £65-£75 per hour. You might, therefore, be surprised to hear that one of the most common causes of a callout is simple and easy to fix without the need for a trained professional.

We are, of course, talking about a loss of pressure within a heating system, which can very quickly cause your boiler to shut down or potentially break, leaving the house cold and the owner in a tail spin as they search through the pages of Google for the nearest available plumber.

So, when the temperature starts to fall, would you know how to identify whether or not a loss of pressure in your heating system is the cause of your problems? For many, the answer would be no. The problem with this is that you need to know the problem in order to find the answer.

That’s exactly where the PressureSentry comes in…

What does it do?

If you’ve got a combi-boiler in your home, it’ll need pressure within the system in order for it to work effectively and efficiently. If the pressure falls too much, you’ll be faced with the common scenario we’ve already mentioned; boiler shutdown or even damage.

The PressureSentry is your early warning system; it lets you know that the pressure in your heating system is too low, and it does this well before any damage can be done to your boiler or you’re left running for additional jumpers and your emergency Google search.

Where does it go?

The PressureSentry device can be fitted to most radiators and is ready to go within just a few minutes. The great thing about the device is that once it’s installed you really can forget about it, as it only draws on battery power if low pressure is detected within your system. If the device is triggered, as soon as the pressure is returned to normal, it’ll reset itself. It really couldn’t be simpler!

How does it work?

Once the pressure within your system falls beneath a pre-set level, the PressureSentry will sound the alarm which comes in the form of a flashing light and an audible sound. This indicates that the pressure within your system needs to be adjusted, which you’re able to do in a few easy to follow steps.

Because the PressureSentry gives a visual and an audio alarm, it’s suitable for the 13 million people within the UK that are either hard of hearing or visually impaired.

The benefits:

  1. It takes just minutes to install.
  2. It provides early identification of a loss of pressure in your heating system.
  3. You can avoid one of the most common causes of emergency plumber callouts.
  4. You can prevent the shutting down of your heating system or damage to your boiler.
  5. It’s suitable for hard of hearing or visually impaired homeowners.

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