How you could spend an extra 28 hours a year?

How you could spend an extra 28 hours a year?

Doesn’t modern life often feel like you’re fighting the clock? Our CombiSave device, which can be easily fitted to your combi-boiler, is designed to help you grab back some of that precious time. By not having to wait as long for the water in your taps to get hot, a CombiSave device can save a typical family household as much as 28 hours annually.

That’s a lot of extra time to have each year! But the real question is, how could you spend that time? Let’s have a look!

Improve your “step count” with a leisurely stroll

Have you got a Fitbit or smartphone that measures your daily step count? If you go for a brisk walk, you can walk a mile in around 15 minutes. If you were to keep that pace up for 28 hours, you could fit in another 112 miles a year — that would definitely help clock up the steps!

Up the pace and do some harder cardio

If you have bigger goals than a few extra steps on your Fitbit, why not use the extra time to tackle a marathon? The average UK run time for a marathon is 4:32:49, so if you’re feeling fit already then you could run 6.2 marathons with the time the CombiSave could save you.

Take inspiration from the Great British Bake Off

If you do take up extra exercise, you’ll have earned yourself a sweet treat. Yet the creations on the Great British Bake Off are so decadent and lavish, that they seem out of reach for the average home baker. But with 28 extra hours each year — and the humble Victoria sponge cake taking about an hour to bake from start to finish — you could take the time to bake a delicious new cake at least once a fortnight!

Make a brew or two…

If you’re enjoying a slice of cake, you need a warming cup of tea to go with it. Everyone takes their tea differently, but tea expert Dr Stuart Farrimond recommends that the perfect cuppa should be left to brew for five minutes. With all this extra time the CombiSave has created, you could afford to follow Dr Farrimond’s advice — and enjoy an extra 336 cups of tea each year!

Binge-watch Peaky Blinders

With each episode running from 55 to 58 minutes, you could just about binge-watch all 30 episodes of the hit BBC drama Peaky Blinders and still have approximately 20 minutes for tea breaks and toilet trips! By order of the Peaky Blinders, we demand you watch this show!

Meditate each day

When facing a constant race against the clock, why not use these extra 28 hours to squeeze in a quick bout of meditation every day? You’ll have earned yourself an extra four and a half minutes each day of the year to close the curtains, pay attention to your breathing and potentially lower your stress levels with a peaceful moment to yourself.

Enjoy a weekly power nap

The hustle and bustle of modern life can be very tiring, but while it might be unrealistic to fit in an extra hour or two every night, the occasional power nap can prove refreshing for both the body and mind. A 20-minute power nap avoids drifting into the deeper states of a sleep cycle but boosts the mind — the CombiSave could help you sneak in 84 power naps over the course of a year. Think how much fresher you’ll feel!

If the idea of grabbing back a little bit of time each day for that extra cup of tea or a walk to clear the mind, find out more about the CombiSave here:

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