Smart meters could save you money — our CombiSave definitely can

Smart meters could save you money — our CombiSave definitely can

Smart meters are supposed to make the lives of householders both cheaper and easier — but their introduction across the country has been bumpy at best. Earlier this month, the Government admitted that the rollout of smart meters has been delayed from its original 2020 deadline back to 2024. Only half of households will have smart meters by next year.

They’re designed to save consumers money — much like several of our products, including our CombiSave device, which could save you up to £250 a year. Getting past the controversial headlines, what is the actual thinking behind smart meters?

Making your energy use easier to monitor

Customers are given a small display monitor, which shows exactly how much power they are using in pounds and pence. Theoretically this makes it easier for people to take steps to reduce their consumption and lower their bills. One simple step would be to install a CombiSave for instant savings on gas consumption, water wastage and time spent waiting for the hot water to reach your tap.

An end to estimated meter readings

Arguably the biggest selling point for smart meters is that it means an end to estimated meter readings and residents having to read the meter themselves. It sends information through to a wireless connection in real time, so every bill should reflect more accurately the amount of energy you’ve used. This is great for people installing energy saving devices, as a smart meter will help ensure every saving you make is recorded accurately.

Why wait for your energy company to act before you make savings?

The original idea behind the smart meter rollout was that they would be installed in every UK home by 2020. Now government ministers have given energy firms until 2024 to ensure that at least 85% of customers have a smart device. Of the households that do have a smart meter, a third have reported problems with them, ranging from smart displays not working to the meters stopping working immediately. Why wait for your energy company to act? If you install a CombiSave on your boiler you can start saving money now.

Even if you don’t have a smart meter in your home yet, our CombiSave device could save you hundreds of pounds on your energy bills each year. Find out more about the CombiSave here: