How CombiSave can help save the environment — and save you money

How CombiSave can help save the environment — and save you money

With the constant reminders of climate change on the news, we all know that we should pull our weight and be kinder to the environment. But would you be happy to foot the bill? It seems many of us wouldn’t be too thrilled!

The price comparison service uSwitch has surveyed households across Britain about climate change; their key findings provide plenty of food for thought!

• Over 20 million households (74%) across the country are concerned about climate change, however…
• Less than a third of UK households (31%) have said they would be happy to contribute to the infrastructure the country needs to be carbon neutral by 2050.
• Of those prepared to pay, they would be willing to contribute an average of £38 per month.
• Greener lifestyles are now more common, with 68% of households recycling regularly and 85% claiming they use less energy at home.
• More than half of us (52%) have switched or have considering switching to a green supplier.

Could you save money and help the environment?

What about if you could be more environmentally friendly while also saving yourself some cash? Most of us would love that idea; switching to a green energy supplier with good tariffs is a great step you can take, but have you considering that installing a CombiSave device could reduce your CO2 emissions while saving you up to £250 a year?

So how does the CombiSave work?

The ‘fit and forget’ combi-boiler device can help you reduce the amount of water and gas used in the initial heating process. Installed on to your existing pipework close to the combi-boiler in just minutes, it restricts the flow of water until it has reached the required heat, potentially saving 28,000 litres of water each year and plenty of gas. It’s a great step towards being more environmentally friendly.

Small steps like installing a CombiSave all add up to everyone’s efforts to help the environment, with the added bonus of creating long-term savings. If you want to start saving water, gas, time and money, find out more about the CombiSave here:

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