How PressureSentry can help avoid heating and plumbing calamity this winter

How PressureSentry can help avoid heating and plumbing calamity this winter

The nights are drawing in and turning on the heating for the first time in a while is becoming more and more tempting. There’s nothing more comforting after a long day at work than coming home, flicking on the heating and curling up on the sofa in a warm house. But if you’re not careful, turning on your heating for the first time in months could create some preventable problems…

The risks of turning your heating back on for the first time

According to BoilerGuide, the busiest two-month period of the year for boiler repairs is December and January, with 27.57% of all repairs needed during those two months. In the south of the country, this is partly due to warmer general temperatures, so boiler systems are left to stagnate for longer, causing more repair issues.

Those first few times you put the heating on can put it under great strain; the hard work being done by the system can lead to a loss in boiler pressure, one of the main causes of boiler breakdown in wintertime. When the cold really hits, the last thing you’ll want when you flick the heating switch on is to be left chilly and have to call out the plumber at great expense, all to deal with an emergency due to the strain your system has been under.

But there is a solution…

Luckily, there’s a simple, affordable device that can help you avoid all that hassle and help ensure you’re not left out in the cold this winter. Our PressureSentry unit is easy to fit and could really avoid some headaches for you this winter.

So what does the PressureSentry actually do?

• The unit alerts you if the system pressure drops below a pre-set level, allowing you to take action before the boiler breaks down.
• The PressureSentry’s innovative advanced warning system affords you the time to schedule an appointment with your plumber during normal working hours.
• It can be fitted to almost any radiator in your home in minutes during a routine visit, only drawing on the battery power if low pressure is detected.
• The PressureSentry’s dual audio-visual alert system also makes it ideal for homeowners with visual or hearing impairments.
• It comes with a three-year warranty, adding to your peace of mind.

If you’ve not used your heating system in a while and fancy the added peace of mind that the PressureSentry device can provide you with this winter, visit:

Update – 30th of July.

Our offices are back to normal working hours as of Monday 3rd of August.

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times.