Keeping your home warm during the coldest spell of the year
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Keeping your home warm during the coldest spell of the year

Late February and early March can be an odd time of year; with Christmas over and the evenings drawing out, it feels like it should be getting warmer, but statistics say it tends to get colder and the weather often takes a turn for the worst; enter Storm Ciara and Dennis!

But as we move further into February and the chances of snow and a severe cold snap increase, there’s no need to let your home get cold too. After all, when you’re getting home from a long day, there’s nothing more comforting than getting into a warm house, sitting comfortably on the sofa or enjoying a relaxing hot bath.

If you’re not prepared, a cold snap can do real damage to your heating system and leave you reaching for layers and wool jumpers rather than relaxing bath salts! Luckily, Teddington’s range of devices go a long way to helping you keep your heating on this winter…

Keep your pipes flowing this year

One thing these colder temperatures can do is play havoc with your water pipes; water escape is one of the most common and costly insurance claims each year, costing UK insurers as much as £1.8 million every day!

In freezing conditions, the condensate pipe from your boiler is particularly vulnerable to problems — left unprotected, it can freeze up and stop your boiler from working, meaning you’ll lose your heating just when you need it most!

Luckily, our FrostSentry device can prevent yours from ever freezing up again.

As soon as air temperatures fall below 2.5C, the FrostSentry automatically warms the inside of your condensate pipe, ensuring you continue to have a fully functioning heating and hot water system. Unlike other devices, it doesn’t rely on a constant energy supply, only kicking in when it’s needed.

Cranking that heating on

It’s been a mild and wet winter so far, so if you’ve not put your heating on that much, flicking it on again after a while can put it under great strain; this stop / start approach can lead to a loss in boiler pressure, one of the most common causes of boiler breakdown in wintertime.

Our easy-to-fit PressureSentry alerts you if the system pressure drops below a pre-set level, allowing you to take action before the boiler breaks down and in doing so, avoids the cost of an emergency engeineer call out.

The device can be fitted to almost any radiator in your home in minutes during a routine visit, and because its alarm is both visual and audible is also suitable for death, heard of hearing and visually impaired homeowners.

Avoid costly callout charges

Both the PressureSentry and the FrostSentry can help you avoid costly callouts at the busiest time of year for a plumber; if the weather’s extreme, there’s no guarantee they’d even be able to get to you!

They can also be the difference in keeping your heating running during the coldest weeks of the year, offering great peace of mind and making sure you stay warm all year round.

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