Reduce your CO2 output by taking an easy step with a CombiSave

Reduce your CO2 output by taking an easy step with a CombiSave

There’s no denying that human activity is having a huge effect on our planet and its climate; the bushfires devastating Australia, Storms Dennis and Ciara in the UK and the widespread flooding show that our weather is getting more extreme, much quicker than we anticipated.

Scientists have even found a new way to see what human activity is doing to our atmosphere, using satellites to see how human activity releases nitrogen oxide and other pollutants into the air. These toxins can irritate our lungs and respiratory system specifically, putting otherwise healthy people at risk if they breathe them in regularly.

We all must take steps to help the climate crisis

Politicians appear to have started to take steps to tackle the climate crisis, and the UK government has imposed a target of reducing carbon emissions by at least 100% of 1990 levels by 2050. That’s a hugely ambitious target, but the signs are showing us that we all need to make adjustments in our lives to reduce our carbon footprint

So, what can we do around the home? Plenty of us are taking big steps to lead more sustainable lives, from cycling and walking more, to recycling and watching what we buy and how much energy we use.

Yet even when we do all of that, energy can be lost around the home without us even realising it.  Often taking small steps can have a big difference.

Our favourite is our ‘fit and forget’ device, the CombiSave, which can easily help you reduce the amount of water and gas used in the initial heating process, meaning less CO2 emissions from your home. The even better news is that once it’s fitted, you don’t need to do anything!

Saving you money and time

As well as being good for the environment, it can save an average household up to £250 a year on their utility bills! The time saved from waiting for the water to heat up can also add up to around 28 hours a year!

Having a CombiSave installed is as easy as pie — it can be installed on to your existing pipework close to the combi-boiler in less than half an hour. Once fitted, it restricts the flow of water until it reaches the required heat, potentially saving 28,000 litres of water each year and plenty of gas expense.

It’s that reduction in emissions that makes it such a great and easy step towards being more environmentally friendly.

Small steps like this all add up to helping the environment in significant, long-lasting ways, while also putting some extra money in your pocket and saving you time too. To find out more, visit

Update – 31st March 2020.

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