The real cost of frozen pipes and a simple solution during the coldest time of the year

The real cost of frozen pipes and a simple solution during the coldest time of the year

We all love those beautifully crisp, frosty mornings or an unexpected bit of snow to play in but the associated plummet in temperatures can spell disaster for your plumbing system. With UK temperatures historically falling to their lowest between January and February each year (having reached a bone achingly cold -10 C) is your system ready to weather the snowstorm?

One of the most common reasons for an emergency call out at this time of year is frozen pipes and the associated damage they can cause.  This is particularly prevalent in holiday or second homes which might have been standing empty for months on end with the heating turned off.  With emergency call outs on the rise and the Association of British Insurers calculating the average insurance claim for burst pipes exceeding £10,000, there are some easy, low-cost ways to protect your pipes through a cold snap:

  • Make sure your pipes are sufficiently lagged to reduce the potential for residual water to freeze
  • If your property is standing empty for an extended period of time, consider leaving the heating on at a low level to prevent your pipes from freezing over
  • Still want to turn the heating off? Make sure your entire system is drained and the water turned off to reduce the risk
  • Get your holiday home regularly inspected both inside and out to pre-empt any weak spots and potential for disaster.
One Easy Solution

There is one incredibly easy solution to ensure your boiler is protected whatever the British weather throws at it. When cold weather comes in, one of the most vulnerable parts of your heating system is the condensate pipe, which if it freezes, can leave you significantly out of pocket.

This is where the Frost Sentry comes in. Our device ensures that the pipe never freezes, so your boiler and heating system never falls foul of the costly expenses associated with a frozen condensate pipe. As soon as the temperature outside drops to 2.5c, the Frost Sentry’s thermostat kicks in to gently heat residual water in the pipe to prevent freezing.  The Frost Sentry continues warming the water in the pipe as the external temperature drops even further, to a minimum of -20C so you know your home is protected no matter what happens outside.

Peace of mind is something we all need right now – the Frost Sentry will definitely give your boiler that during any cold snap. Find out how we can help keep your home protected at