Why You Should Pay Some Attention to Your Boiler This Summer

Why You Should Pay Some Attention to Your Boiler This Summer

We all know that most boiler breakdowns occur during the winter months. Makes complete sense doesn’t it? It’s colder outside, the heating is on higher and the system is under pressure… it all gets too much, and you’re left feeling sorry for yourself in a cold house.

As this seems like a winter problem, have you ever thought to check your boiler and heating system during the summer? The answer for most will be a ‘no’ due in part to the fact it’s not on as it’s hopefully warmer!

In fact, because spring and summer always follow winter, those warmer months are always after your system has been under pressure for long periods, during which wear and tear will be a guarantee, but equally other issues can manifest themselves. With that being said, the summertime is actually the ideal period during which to have everything given a check!

There are also a number of benefits:

  • You may bag yourself a bargain! Heating engineers and companies are often looking to fill those quieter summer days with customers and may offer more competitive prices to book your work in now.
  • You should find it easier to get an appointment at a convenient time for you rather than having to take whatever’s available.
  • Any work carried out to your boiler will need for the system to be turned off which of course means no heating or hot water for the duration. It makes much more sense to do it in the summer when it will cause less disruption.
  • If your boiler breaks during the Winter, you will be without heating and hot water until you can get an engineer to take a look at it for you. Getting things sorted ahead of those winter months will give you real peace of mind that your boiler is in good condition before it is tested by the freezing temperatures that will inevitably arrive!

Wanting to save money when the winter months do come? Have a CombiSave installed this summer! Not sure what one of those is? It’s a simple device that attaches to the pipework near to your boiler. Once installed, it limits the flow of water through your system until it hits the temperature you want, which in turn means hot water comes out of your tap quicker! The upshot of that is less water and gas wastage, and of course, lower bills (by up to £250).

For more information on the award winning CombiSave click here.