What Would You do With an Extra £250 a Year

What Would You do With an Extra £250 a Year

How wonderful would it be to have an extra £250 in your pocket each year for doing absolutely nothing? We can’t hand you a wad of cash but we can offer you a handy little device that will reduce your water consumption and energy bills over the course of 12 months saving you hundreds of pounds.

As your boiler gets older, its efficiency naturally declines.  We can see this most clearly in the amount of time we spend waiting for the water to heat up after turning on the hot tap.  How many times have you stood around waiting for that water to get up to temperature? Have you ever considered how much water and energy you’re letting slip away waiting to fill up the kitchen sink or that bubble bath?

For a family of four in an average home, this waste can be in the region of 28,000 litres of water which equates to just shy of £250.  So how do we stop it?

There’s a simple fix you can apply to your combi boiler at home to restrict the water flow through your hot tap until it has reached the required temperature, saving time, money, reducing water and CO2 emissions.

Find out more about the CombiSave here

This one’s a bit of a no brainer.  In fact, the biggest decision you need to make it what to do with those extra pounds in your pocket!  Here are some ways you could spend it:

  • Feeling adventurous? Throwing yourself from an airplane at 150,000 ft on a tandem skydive seems like a good bet! You can enjoy the terror for £259.
  • Always wanted to take to the skies? How about soaking up the sights of London from a chopper? A 30 minute helicopter ride for two over the famous skyline of the capital costs bang on £250
  • Spend the night in a castle! There are lots of these historic boltholes up and down the country that you can spend the night in, pretending to be royalty. And for just over £250 you can take someone with you to protect you from the ghosts.
  • Hit the road with a thrilling driving experience at Silverstone race track. Pit James Bond’s favourite Aston Martin against the ever stylish Ferrari for just £250.
  • Dine in style at The Shard. For under £200 you can enjoy a three course dinner for two, with cocktails at the world famous Shangri-La at The Shard and still have money left for a taxi home.
  • Treat yourself to some brand new Apple Air Pods for just under £200 leaving some spare change to choose some of your favourite songs to listen to.
  • A Kindle Oasis would set you back £230 – the ultimate waterproof way to enjoy your entire library on the go.
  • For a delicious way to spend your savings, why not splash out on some real luxury with a Fortnum and Mason Hamper for a special occasion for £225.
  • Escape from reality with an Occulus Virtual reality headset for around £270.