Combat the 2021 Energy Price Hike with Two Super Simple Fixes
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Combat the 2021 Energy Price Hike with Two Super Simple Fixes

In the wake of the first UK national lockdown and all of the uncertainty surrounding it, the energy price cap dropped by £84 to its lowest level in years for the winter period. Those savings were invaluable whilst we were all spending more and more time at home, during those high energy months!

Now things are returning back to ‘normal’, wholesale prices for energy are once again on the rise.  In fact, Ofgem have announced an increase in the price cap for the 6 months from April 2021 – which in practice means that consumers are facing a hike in energy bills of around £100, outstripping the earlier reduction.

What if there was a way you could start to reduce your energy bills now and protect your heating system against expensive damage in the future? What if we told you there are two?!


Even the most modern, efficient combi boliers waste energy as they work.  The Combisave is a simple, affordable device for combination boilers which can help cut costs and reduce wasted energy in the home.   This little fix attaches to the pipework close to your boiler and works by thermostatically restricting the water flow until it has reached the temperature you need. This means significantly less water wastage.  In fact, over the course of a year, the Combisave has been proven to potentially reduce your combined water and gas bill by as much as £250, which more than offsets the predicted increase in bills over the coming months.

That’s not to mention the thousands of litres of water that you’re not simply pouring down the drain!

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Low pressure in your heating system is one of the most common causes of emergency call out and boiler breakdown, the costs of which can quickly sky rocket! The PressureSentry attaches to a domestic radiator and alerts you before low pressure causes your system to shut down.

Not only will this prevent catastrophic damage in the long run, it’ll allow you to keep an eye on the health of your system, nipping any potential problems in the bud early on. The great thing is that this is a simple fit and forget device; once installed you don’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance or repair, just a simple battery replacement every couple of years.

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