How to Spend a Day Out of Lockdown

How to Spend a Day Out of Lockdown

Freedom beckons! We’ve all spent an awful lot of time over the last year staring at the same four walls! Now lockdown is lifting and we’re slowly heading out and about, what will you do first with all of that time out of the house? What if we could also save you the equivalent of a whole day a year too to really make the most of that time out of the house – what would you do with it?

On average, each year a home wastes some 28,000 litres of water waiting for a boiler to kick in and heat the water sufficiently.  And guess how much time it takes to run that much water in a domestic system? You got it – about a day, each and every year!

No matter how modern your boiler, they all lack a certain amount of efficiency. Of course this only increases with the age of your system.  You can notice this most in the amount of time you spend waiting around for the water to heat up after turning on the hot tap. Whether you’re filling up the sink for dishes or the bathtub for a good soak, that’s a whole lot of time, water and money heading straight down the drain.

But you’re in luck – we’ve got a quick fix you can install at home to restrict the water flow through your hot tap until it has reached the required temperature: the CombiSave. You can find out more about it here

Better yet, it’s ‘fit and forget’. So once it’s in, you can turn your attention to figuring out what to do with those extra hours:

Sort out that lockdown hair

The average haircut takes around 45 mins so you can get those dead ends sorted and keep going back every day for a month if you’ve missed it that much. There’ll be no holiday chat this year though.

Get back in shape

Need to start getting that body moving again? You could squeeze in 24 exercise classes at the local gym with your saved time.  That’s a fair amount of sweat but within four weeks you’ll be transformed!

Afternoon tea with your nan

It’s been a while since we’ve seen those we love in the flesh but al fresco catch ups are back on the cards.  Treat your nan to a Sunday afternoon tea in the garden, those saved hours will get you  6 consecutive weeks of tea and cake outside together, it’s time to start making up for lost time!

Grab a beer

It takes a person half an hour on average to drink a pint.  Head for the beer garden, find a spot in the sun and sink a cold one or two.  Technically you could manage 48 pints during the time you save with a CombiSave.  We’d recommend spreading those out.

Bake 22 Banana Breads

The perfect banana bread spends 1hr 5 mins in the oven so you could make…ok, we’ve all had enough of banana bread this year, get out for a walk instead!