Innovative product aims to avoid boiler breakdown for those with hearing and sight impediments

Innovative product aims to avoid boiler breakdown for those with hearing and sight impediments

Imagine for a moment you lost one of your major senses for just twenty-four hours. It would be difficult, wouldn’t it? Not being able to hear, to see, to taste or to feel. Now imagine if you are one of the 13 million people in the UK doing just that every day of their lives.

That’s right, more than 1 in 6 people in the UK suffer from some sort of hearing or sight impairment.

Staggered by that figure? We were too!

Whilst impairments of this nature are often thought of as being prevalent with older age groups, the reality is that many members of our society are dealing with site or hearing loss right now, regardless of age.

For those people, simple tasks can be more difficult. Many of these will be found in the home, where we all spent a lot of time over the past 18 months, so we put our thinking caps on to find a product that was simple to use and quick to help.

How the Pressure Sentry can help

It’s been a tough year or two for us all, so the last thing you want is for your boiler to breakdown when the country is in the grips of a cold winter snap. If you did, you’d be one of the three million people that endured the stress of no heating during the winter months last year!

With the majority of emergency plumbing callouts being attributed to a loss of pressure, we have a simple alerting device that gives you a ‘heads-up’ well before catastrophe strikes.

The PressureSentry is a simple device that attaches to a domestic radiator and monitors the pressure passing through your system. As soon as a drop is detected, you’ll get an alarm and plenty of time to take action before a small drop in pressure becomes a big problem for your boiler!

The alarm is both visual (you’ll get a flashing LED) and audio (that alarm will definitely let you know there’s a problem), meaning that it’s suitable for all households, regardless of site or hearing loss.

The early warning this simple ‘fit and forget’ device gives can end up saving you potentially thousands should your boiler fail. Being prepared sounds like a bit of a no brainer here doesn’t it!?

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