How climate change can affect your boiler

How climate change can affect your boiler

One minute it’s raining, the next it’s sunny, the next it seems freezing cold; our British weather can’t decide what it wants to do from one minute to the next! This summer just gone proves it — the Met Office recorded the highest ever UK temperature in Cambridge in July, but it was also the 7th wettest summer on record since 1910. That’s a big swing in weather conditions!

There’s no doubt our climate is changing

Monthly averages year to year are all over the place in winter months — According to Statista, from 2015 to 2018 the average November temperature veered from 9.5C in 2015 to 5.8C in 2016, then to 7C the following year, then up to 8.2C in 2018. It’s so hard to know how much you’ll need your heating in the months ahead!

Things are generally warmer — Geophysical Research has shown that European winters are on average 3C warmer now than 70 years ago. That sounds like a good thing for our heating, but it has surprising consequences!

What does this mean for my heating?

When heating systems are suddenly cranked up high following long periods of being left off, this puts added pressure on systems components. The potential for frozen condensate pipes and heavy usage after inactivity all adds up to potential boiler breakdown! This can lead to costly emergency callouts for plumbers and repairs.

One of the main causes of boiler breakdown in wintertime is a loss in boiler pressure. Luckily, our simple, affordable PressureSentry device that can help you avoid all that hassle and help ensure you’re not left out in the cold this winter. It’s easy to fit and could really avoid some headaches for you this winter!

It alerts you if the pressure drops below a pre-set level, allowing you to take action before your boiler breaks down; including arranging a plumber to visit during normal working hours, avoiding the costly out of hours callout fees! It can be fitted to almost any radiator in your home in minutes during a routine visit, only drawing on the battery power if low pressure is detected.

If you fancy the added peace of mind that the PressureSentry device can provide you with this winter, visit:

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