How PressureSentry can help your housing association save money this winter

How PressureSentry can help your housing association save money this winter

The cold winter months are approaching, which means that people up and down the country are beginning to put on an extra layer, cosy up under blankets and fire up their heating systems for the first time in months. But cranking up the heating following a long period of inactivity puts added pressure on systems components, increasing the risk of boiler breakdown just when heating is needed most.

It’s a worry for housing associations in the UK; with all their tenants flicking on the heating again, if a handful of those people encounter boiler problems it could lead to bills for thousands of pounds in repairs. That’s a headache that most housing associations will be keen to avoid! But what if householders could be notified of a potential problem before it happens?

This time of year is busiest for boilers going on the blink – but why?

It may seem obvious, but there’s no denying it; boilers are just far more likely to break down or need running repairs in the winter months. A whopping 15.56% of boiler breakdowns and repairs across the UK happen in January of each year, according to Boiler Guide. December is a busy month too, with 12.01%.

But why does this happen? If you’re using your boiler on a daily basis, it’s naturally going to have small issues like wear and tear adding up to boiler breakdown. But there’s a second, easy-to-miss reason that is very common in winter months; a lack of boiler pressure. If not noticed early, then this can lead to very costly repairs.

What causes a lack of boiler pressure?

A boiler can lose pressure for a number of reasons; it can be caused by a leak in the pressure relief valve, an issue in the expansion vessel, air in the system or even a leak in the heating pipework itself.

That’s a huge variety of potential problems to stay on top of. Yet our low-cost PressureSentry device warns the householder of a potential issue before their boiler shuts down and causes major problems.

How could the PressureSentry help housing associations avoid major boiler failure and additional costs?

The device warns tenants when the pressure in their heating system falls too low; they can take steps to easily readjust the pressure themselves in the first instance, and then schedule a home visit during normal working hours, avoiding an expensive emergency call out during the night. Being notified of a potential problem before it happens protect the boiler from any risk of damage, while ensuring householders are not left in a cold home with no hot water.

What other benefits are there to the PressureSentry?

  • It can be fitted to almost any radiator in your home in minutes during a routine visit, only drawing on the battery power if low pressure is detected.
    • The PressureSentry’s dual audio-visual alert system makes it ideal for residents with visual or hearing impairments.
    • It comes with a three-year warranty, adding to peace of mind for residents and landlord alike.
    • Only one per household is needed.

If you work for a housing association and think that the PressureSentry device could help prevent a lot of headaches for you this winter, visit

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