How a CombiSave could make affordable housing even more affordable

How a CombiSave could make affordable housing even more affordable

While many of us are thinking about other things at the moment with everything in the news, home ownership is still crucially important for so many people; there’s huge demand for more homes to be built in the UK. 247,000 more houses are being built in England and Wales each year than are being demolished, but that figure still falls significantly below the government’s target of 300,000 new homes each year.

With house price rises consistently outstripping the pace of wage increases in recent years, there’s more demand than ever for affordable housing too, with more than half of 18 to 24-year-olds living with family and 18% of 25 to 34-year-olds doing so. Those figures are also predicted to increase even further as people either live with parents to save money for a house deposit or are struggling to make ends meet by living on their own.

So what steps can be taken to make affordable housing even MORE affordable to those living there? We think that cutting down on energy bills is a huge step towards making the cost of living more achievable; here are a few of our suggestions…

Check how a house is insulated

If a property is old and has not had its insultation looked at in recent years, chances are that it may not be keeping in the heat as effectively as it could. Having new insulation put in could help reduce those heating costs dramatically.

Tune up the boiler

The same goes for the boiler; is it creaking and starting to show signs of its age? Everything has a shelf life and that’s true of boilers — a new model can work far more effectively than an old one, creating huge savings on bills.

Get a smart meter

These small display monitors show exactly how much power a household is using in pounds and pence. Theoretically, this makes it easier for people to take steps to reduce their consumption and lower their bills.

Install a CombiSave

Our award-winning CombiSave device is proven to reduce both water and gas bills, making a profound difference to energy bills while also reducing carbon emissions. Installed on to your existing pipework close to the combi-boiler in just minutes, it restricts the flow of water until it has reached the required heat, potentially saving 28,000 litres of water each year and plenty of gas — some people have saved as much as £250 per year with it!

The CombiSave can be installed within 30 minutes by your plumber, so why not ask them about it today and start saving tomorrow? To find out more about the CombiSave, visit

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