Autumn’s erratic weather can put strain on our boilers

Autumn’s erratic weather can put strain on our boilers

Autumn is a strange time of year. We picture it as being a time where the summer sunshine is simply cooling off and giving way to cloudier and cooler weather, with a bit more rain and the leaves falling off the trees. But as a season of transition, it’s more complicated than that, with rain one day giving way to sunshine the next and the sunshine giving way to frost the next. British weather is renowned for being changeable all year round but it seems more changeable than ever in the autumn months!

This autumn is set to be no different, with long-range weather predictions ranging from heavy rain and strong winds throughout the month to temperatures potentially being higher than normal for the time of year.

In 2019, the weather was erratic in autumn across the UK. Parts of the Midands saw widespread flooding due to particularly heavy rainfall, yet much of the south of England saw average or less than average rainfall and temperatures just below the expected average.

But what does this mean for me and my heating?

If the temperatures suddenly drop off and get much colder, when heating systems are suddenly cranked up high following long periods of being left off through the summer, added pressure is put on systems components. The potential for frozen condensate pipes and heavy usage after inactivity all adds up to potential boiler catastrophe! If things do go wrong, this can lead to costly emergency callouts for plumbers and repairs.

During the autumn and winter months, one of the main causes of boiler breakdown is a loss in boiler pressure. Teddington’s affordable and straightforward PressureSentry device can help you avoid all that hassle and help ensure that you’re not left out in the cold this winter.

The PressureSentry alerts you if the pressure drops below a pre-set level, allowing you to take action before your boiler breaks down; including arranging a professional to visit during standard daytime working hours, avoiding any costly out-of-hours callout fees! The device can be fitted to almost any radiator in your home in just minutes during a routine visit, only drawing on the battery power when low pressure is detected.

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