Combisave Starts Going Global

Combisave Starts Going Global

Our CombiSave device — an innovative unit that can help you reduce the amount of water and gas used in the initial heating process in your boiler, saving you time and money — has been on sale in the UK and Ireland for a long time now, but Teddington is looking to expand the reach of this great product much further than ever.

The product has gone on sale in both Turkey and the Netherlands. Dave Furlong, the inventor of the CombiSave, went to Turkey earlier this year to hold a CombiSave training session with installers and engineers in Istanbul. The installers of Pro-Fix, a firm supplying and installing plumbing products, learned a great deal from the training session. The firm holds similar training sessions on request in the UK and have done sessions for British Gas, Dyno Plumbing, a handful of councils and for other organisations.

What exactly is the CombiSave?

The CombiSave unit, which is also being offered to customers in the Netherlands, has a number of benefits for those who have it fitted to their combi-boiler. The “fit and forget” device can easily help you reduce the amount of water and gas used in the initial heating process by your boiler.

It can save an average household up to £250 a year on their utility bills! The time saved from waiting for the water to heat up can also add up to around 28 hours a year! The fact that less gas is used thanks to the CombiSave also means that your home will be creating less CO2 emissions, helping the environment and fight against climate change too.

Having the device installed is a piece of cake — it can be installed on to your existing pipework close to the combi-boiler in less than half an hour. Once fitted, it restricts the flow of water until it reaches the required heat, potentially saving 28,000 litres of water each year.

Having the CombiSave fitted to your boiler is an easy and effective way to put some extra money in your pocket, save time and help the environment in one fell swoop. To find out more visit