Protecting the heating system in your holiday home

Protecting the heating system in your holiday home

If you own a holiday home or rental property, the last 12 months have been a worrying time.  Many second homeowners often live a good distance from their property, meaning that restrictions through lockdowns or the distance you are able to travel to and from in a day have led to problems or a reduction in checking, maintaining and keeping an eye on your asset.

This can be particularly problematic during the winter months, when colder temperatures lead to a frozen and burst pipes. The damage, should this happen to your property, can be extremely large; consider that each day in the United Kingdom, insurers pay out £1.8 million in property damage claims due to escape of water, due largely to frozen or burst pipes.

So, what can you do to prevent this from happening in your holiday home? Although it’s advisable to drain your system if you’re anticipating being away for a lengthy period, many of the insurers mentioned above specify that the temperature within a property needs to be kept above a certain level in order to reduce the chance of things freezing and to also maintain the internal fabric of the building.

If this is the case with your property then an essential part of property maintenance has to be ensuring that your heating system continues to run smoothly, no matter how inclement the weather outside may be right now or get in the future.

How do you do that? Well, the first step has to always be the identification of any vulnerable aspects of your heating system and then identifying how you can protect them. When it comes to vulnerability in cold weather, an accusatory finger always points first at the condensate pipe leading to your boiler. It’s often first to freeze and at the front of the cue if there’s a problem. Should this pipe freeze and burst, the cost can be significant.

With that in mind, we’ve got a device that can prevent this from happening. Let us introduce you to the FrostSentry. ‘What is a Frost Sentry?’ we hear you cry! It’s a simple device that works to warm your condensate pipe, keeping it above freezing no matter what the weather. By doing this it ensures that your second home heating system will never fall flat due to the condensate pipe freezing, which if you live a long way away, is definite peace of mind and reassurance.

If you own a second home and want to know that your heating system will continue to tick, no matter how cold things get, find out more here: