What Would You Do With An Extra Hour Each Year?

What Would You Do With An Extra Hour Each Year?

‘There just aren’t enough hours in the day’

How many times have you uttered those words, wishing for a few extra moments here and there to fit in all of those neglected bits of life admin or self-care?  Modern life is busy, there’s no denying it.  What if we could give you a whole day back each and every year without bending the space time continuum? And more importantly what could you do with that time?

Even the most modern boilers lack a certain amount of efficiency which of course increases with the age of your system. The most obvious indicator of this can be found in the amount of time spent waiting around after turning on the hot tap and waiting for the water to heat up. Bad enough doing the dishes but what about waiting for a bath to run?

On average, each year a home wastes some 28,000 litres of water waiting for a boiler to kick in and heat the water sufficiently.  It’s not just water being wasted; it also adds up to around a whole day each year!

If you’ve got a combi-boiler yourself then you’re in luck as there’s a quick fix you can install at home to restrict the water flow through your hot tap until it has reached the required temperature, saving time, money, reducing water and CO2 emissions.

It’s called a CombiSave and it has been proven to save some households more than £200 a year – you can find out more about it here:

So what to do with those extra 28 hours?

  • Many people are looking for a staycation – if you’re one of them you could get from our St Austell base to John O Groats and back and still have time for a nice dinner on the way.
  • You could watch all of the Harry Potter films and still have a couple of hours spare.
  • Spend a day in Amsterdam! Just a 1h 30min flight from Exeter, factoring in airport transfers either side you could still spend a good 12 hours exploring those pretty Dutch canals and streets.
  • Spread those hours out over 5 days and you can cultivate your very own sourdough starter, giving it all the love it needs.
  • Tackle the three tallest peaks in the UK – Scafell Pike, Snowdon and Ben Nevis. Including walking time and travel between the mountains, the super fit can complete the challenge in just over 24 hours.
  • Break a mental sweat and work your way through any one of Shakespeare’s plays from start to finish in just 27 hours.
  • Conquer 1/30th of the beautiful South West Coast Path. Choose your favourite stretch of coastline, lace up those hiking boots and get walking.
  • Make the perfect cured salmon! Visit your local fishmonger, make up your curing mix, coat your fish and leave for over 24 hours to cure. You’ll have a few hours spare to make the perfect accompaniments!

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