Meeting Ambitious Government Climate Change Targets with HVO

Meeting Ambitious Government Climate Change Targets with HVO

The UK government has written into law the world’s most ambitious climate change target: to reduce CO2 emissions by 78% by 2035. For the first time, these targets include aviation and shipping emissions which will make considerable headway in meeting the target based on pre 1990 levels.  But we know that the story doesn’t stop at international trade – very real changes need to be made on a much more personal scale in order for us to meet those challenging targets, including the way in which we heat our homes.

For the 1.1 million rural homes not currently listed on the national gas grid, the challenge is particularly real. The vast majority of these homes burn fossil fuels like kerosene to heat their homes. Until now, the government’s approach has been to switch these homes to air source heat pumps or solid biomass/hybrid systems but a new OFTEC survey has revealed a distinct lack of appetite and funding among Britain’s off grid community to make the switch.

In fact the OFTEC commissioned survey uncovered that some 55% of rural households would not be prepared to pay any more than £2,500 towards a new low carbon heating system, with a third unwilling to pay anything at all. The costs of upgrading falling in the region of £12,000 for a heat pump all the way up to £16,000 for a biomass system: a lower cost option is urgently needed if the government target is to be met.

Enter HVO. A direct replacement for Kerosene, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Fuel made from vegetable oil, discarded vegetable oil, waste fats and waste oils and produces 90% less CO2 emissions than the fuel it is replacing.  A collaboration between the fuel industry and OFTEC, testing has now been completed on the use of HVO in domestic systems and we are ready to help you get your system up to date and more efficient.  A few simple adaptations to your current off grid system are all that are needed to make sure you can use this innovative new environmentally friendly fuel saving you thousands of pounds and hundreds of kg of CO2 every year.

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